Nikon MF Film Cameras

Nikon - The First producer of a widely accepted professional 35mm manual focus SLR film camera!

Until Nikon introduced the Nikon F camera in 1959 most professional photo journalists were firmly attached to their 35mm rangefinder cameras, and in particular their Leica M4's or Nikon SP's, The Nikon F soon replaced these for several reasons, if you have the chance to look through and focus a rangefinder camera of this period and a Nikon SLR you will immediately see the attraction of a SLR camera, add to this the ability to build a customised camera for the task in hand from Nikon's ever expanding F system, and there was little to recommend the rangefinder cameras other than size and weight.

The SLR did have few disadvantages, it was larger, heavier and relatively noisy, so the change did not happen immediately, some photographers needed to be unobtrusive and travel light. Nikon's main interest was in lenses and they soon realised they were missing a major part of amateur market who could not afford a Nikon F, their solution was to do a deal with another Japanese manufacturer who

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had a cheap and simple camera ready to go into production, a Nikon lens mount was grafted on to the design and the 1962 Nikkorex F was born! The Nikkorex F proved to be something of a weak link in the Nikon range and so in 1965 Nikon launched it's own superior amateur camera bodies, the Nikkormat FT and FS.

A similar arrangement happened again in 1995 when the Nikon FM10 and Nikon FE10  were introduced in 1996 using Cosina built bodies and the Nikon lens mount.


Nikon F

Nikon manual focus SLR film camera timeline


Camera Model


Motor Drive


Nikon F None External


Nikkorex F None None
1962 Nikon F Photomic Non TTL CdS External
1965 Nikon F Photomic T TTL CdS External
1965 Nikkormat FT TTL CdS None

Nikkormat EL


Nikkormat FS None None


Nikon F Photomic TN


1967 Nikkormat FTn TTL CdS None
1968 Nikon F Photomic FTn TTL CdS External
1970 Nikon F2 None External
1971 Nikon F2 Photomic TTL CdS External
1972 Nikon F Apollo FTn TTL CdS External
1972 Nikkormat EL TTL CdS None

Nikon FE


Nikon F2S Photomic TTL CdS External


Nikkormat FT2 TTL CdS  


Nikon F2SB Photomic

TTL Photo Diode External
1976 Nikkormat ELW TTL CdS External
1977 Nikkormat FT3 TTL CdS  
1977 Nikon EL2 TTL Photo Diode External
1977 Nikon F2A Photomic TTL Photo Diode External
1977 Nikon FM TTL Photo Diode External

Nikon FM2n

1977 Nikon F2AS Photomic TTL Photo Diode External
1978 Nikon FE TTL Photo Diode External


Nikon EM TTL Photo Diode External


Nikon F3

TTL Photo Diode External
1982 Nikon F3hp TTL Photo Diode External
1982 Nikon FM2 TTL Photo Diode External
1982 Nikon FG TTL Photo Diode External
1983 Nikon FM2n TTL Photo Diode External

Nikon FM10

1983 Nikon FE2 TTL Photo Diode External
1983 Nikon FA TTL Matrix External
1984 Nikon FG20 TTL Photo Diode External


Nikon F301 (N2000) TTL Photo Diode Internal


Nikon F-601M (N6000) TTL Matrix Internal


Nikon FM10

TTL Photo Diode None
1996 Nikon FE10 TTL Photo Diode None
2001 Nikon FM3a TTL Photo Diode External

Nikon SLR MF
Film Cameras


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