Nikon FE2

A brief outline of the Nikon FE2 manual focus SLR film camera

This page is dedicated to the superb Nikon FE2 camera produced by Nikon from 1983 to 1989. The Nikon FE2 is an improved version of the preceding Nikon FE, the most significant single change was the adoption of titanium curtains, this allowed the curtains to travel significantly faster than had been possible before. Faster curtain speed allowed the maximum shutter speed to be increased to 1/4000 of a second and the maximum flash sync speed to be raised to 1/250.

Several other significant updates occurred to the design including TTL OTF (off the film) flash exposure measurement and internal contacts for the MF-16 data-back, an external wired connection is required for the older Nikon FE and MF-12 combination. The self timer is now electronically timed and when the lever is pressed towards the lens also acts as an exposure lock.

This camera can not be used with pre AI lenses unless they have been modified or damage is lightly to occur to the cameras lens coupling system.


The three focusing screens available for the Nikon FE2 and the Nikon FM2 are significantly brighter than the ones used in the original camera and have the suffix 2 added, K becoming K2, if the older screens are used overexposure will occur unless a correction factor is not allowed for. Screens for the Nikon FM3a also fit the camera but as they are brighter by design they will result in underexposure unless compensated for, they can be identified by the suffix 3, K becoming K3.


VFM Flash Memory Cards

Basic specifications of the Nikon FE2 MF SLR Camera

Production period (later availability via stock)

1983 TO 1989
Lens meter coupling type AI (Automatic maximum aperture Indexing)
Aperture coupling range N/A
ASA film speed range ISO 12 to 4000
EV range at ASA 100 EV 1 to 18
Meter sensor type if applicable TTL centre weighed SPD (Silicon Photo diode)
Shutter type and curtain material Vertical focalplane Titanium curtained electronic
Shutter speed range 8 to 1/4000 second + Bulb (+1/250 mechanical)
Exposure modes available Aperture priority and Manual
Flash exposure type and masync speed TTL OTF Electronic flash shoe 1/250 second
Interchangeable focusing screens K2 split-image microprism - B2 matte - E2 grid
Interchangeable viewfinder heads No
Interchangeable backs MF-12 or MF-16 data-back (time & date)
Film advance method Single stroke lever
Motor drive or Auto winder availability MD-12 (3.5 fps) MD-11 (3.5 fps) motor drive
Film rewind method Manual folding crank
Self Timer Yes - 10 seconds
Battery type and number required Two S76 1.5v silver oxide batteries
Body weight without lens attached 550g

Nikon FE2 Back


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Nikon FE2 Camera


Nikon FE2 Top




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