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Nikon Speedlights, the ideal match for a Nikon film or digital SLR camera!

The first Nikon electronic flash (Speedlight) in the SB series SB-1 introduced for the Nikon F camera in 1971, since then there has been a steady flow of new models, some just offer new features or improved design and components, others reflect new types of control systems to match new innovations in the latest models of cameras.

Backward and forward compatibility can be confusing and


had a cheap and simple camera ready to go into production, a Nikon lens mount was grafted on to the design and the 1962 Nikkorex F was born! The Nikkorex F proved to be something of a weak link in the Nikon range and so in 1965 Nikon launched it's own superior amateur camera bodies, the Nikkormat FT and FS.

A similar arrangement happened again in 1995 when the Nikon FM10 and Nikon FE10  were introduced in 1996 using Cosina built bodies and the Nikon lens mount.


Nikkorex F Copal Square Shutter

Specifications of the 1971 Nikon Sb-1 Speedlight Electronic Flash

Main intended Camera

Nikon F
Type of mount and electrical connection None
Guide Number in metres N/A
Maximum flash duration N/A
Maximum recycle time N/A
Lens focal length range Optional externally coupled selenium meter
Zoom head  
Tilt head Vertical metal curtain mechanical focal plane
Swivel head 1 to 1/1000 second + Bulb
Auto exposure modes available None
Manual exposure mode 1/125 sec
Auto exposure sensor mode No
TTL (Film Cameras) No
D-TTL (Digital Cameras) No
I-TTL (Intelligent-TTL) Single stroke lever
Multi-flash strobe function None
Auto Focus Illuminator built in Manual folding crank
Battery type and number required None
Weight without batteries 454g

Nikkorex F ASA Reminder Dial


VFM Flash Memory Cards


VFM Flash Memory Cards


VFM Flash Memory Cards


VFM Flash Memory Cards

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