Nikon F Apollo

A brief outline of the Nikon F Apollo manual focus SLR film camera

The Nikon F was made over a period of fourteen years, during this time it was realised that improvements could be made, some of these would need a total re-design, others could be made with minor changes. As production of the Nikon F and the new F2 overlapped by a year, in this period changes were made to the Nikon F body to reflect some of the improvements introduced on the new Nikon F2 SLR camera. As the Apollo's were late production cameras most were supplied with the centre weighed FTn Photomic metered viewfinder head.

The modified bodies produced are now commonly referred to as the Nikon F "Apollo" model, this unofficial name reflects Apollo 15's use of a Nikon F Photomic FTn on the Lunar Roving Vehicle's exploration trips. The Apollo changes have no effect on the cameras ability to take pictures but increases the second hand market price as collectors see the Apollo body as more desirable than the original less rare Nikon F bodies. Changes to the original Nikon F camera body were a combination of ergonomic, wear reduction and connectivity improvements.


Ergonomic changes: Black plastic ergonomically designed "furniture" was added to the rewind and self timer leavers.

Wear reduction: The chrome plated brass strap eyelets had proved to wear significantly over time so stainless steel inserts were added.

Connectivity: The flash synchronisation sockets had retaining threads added.


Nikon F Apollo FTN speed dial

Basic specifications of the Nikon F Photomic FTn Apollo MF SLR Camera

Production period (later availability via stock)

1972 to 1973
Lens meter coupling type Nikon prong ("bunny ears")
Maximum aperture coupling range f/1.2 to f/5.6
ASA film speed range ISO 6-6400
EV range at ASA 100 EV 2 to 17
Meter sensor type if applicable TTL 60/40 centre weighed CdS photo sensor
Shutter type and curtain material Horizontal Titanium foil focal-plane mechanical
Shutter speed range 1 to 1/1000 of a second + Bulb
Auto exposure modes available None
Flash exposure type and maximum sync speed Flash bulb & 1/60 sec Electronic flash sockets
Interchangeable focusing screens Yes - 17 + others by third parties
Interchangeable viewfinder heads Yes
Interchangeable backs Yes - Bulk Film - Motor Drive - Polaroid
Film advance method Single stroke lever
Motor drive or Auto winder availability F36 or F250 motor drives
Film rewind method Manual folding crank
Self Timer Yes - 3 to 10 seconds
Battery type and number required Two PX-625 1.3V mercury cells in head
Body weight without lens attached 850g with Photomic FTn viewfinder fitted

VFM Flash Memory Cards


Nikon F Apollo FTN back view

Nikon F Apollo Camera


Nikon F Apollo FTN top view


F Apollo


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