Nikon F Photomic T

A brief outline of the Nikon F Photomic T manual focus SLR film camera

The Nikon F Photomic T was released in 1965 and was the standard Nikon F body fitted with Nikon's first TTL viewfinder, it utilised a CdS cell to measure light passing through the prism and took an average reading across the whole frame.

The meter used to convey exposure information to the photographer was visible when looking through the Photomic T viewfinder and also via a window on top of the viewfinder housing, additionally the current lens aperture was displayed in a second window above the viewfinder eyepiece allowing exposure to be adjusted without the need to look through the camera eyepiece, this was useful if the camera was on a tripod and the desired picture had already been framed framed.

The Nikon Photomic T was only produced for two years and this was for two reasons, firstly as the batteries expired and their voltage dropped overexposure occurred without warning, secondly Nikon's realisation that exposure would statistically be better measured biased towards the centre of the viewfinder field.


The photographer often only realised that his Nikon Photomic T needed new batteries when he had his film developed and found the negatives were all overexposed. Nikon's response was to redesign the viewfinder with a battery test switch and also incorporate for the first time a 60/40 bias towards the centre of the exposure area rather than just averaging the whole frame, this was based on the fact that most times the important subject would be in the centre of the picture, the new re-designed system of 1967 was designated the Nikon F Photomic TN.


photomic_t_viewfinder external meter window

Basic specifications of the Nikon F Photomic T MF SLR Camera

Production period (later availability via stock)

1965 to 1966
Lens meter coupling type Nikon prong ("bunny ears")
Maximum aperture coupling range f/1.2 to f/4.5
ASA film speed range ASA 10 to 1600
EV range at ASA 100 EV 2 to 17
Meter sensor type if applicable TTL average weighed CdS photo sensor
Shutter type and curtain material Horizontal Titanium foil focal-plane mechanical
Shutter speed range 1 to 1/1000 of a second + Bulb
Auto exposure modes available None
Flash exposure type and maximum sync speed Flash bulb & 1/60 sec Electronic flash sockets
Interchangeable focusing screens Yes - 17 + others by third parties
Interchangeable viewfinder heads Yes
Interchangeable backs Yes - Bulk Film - Motor Drive - Polaroid
Film advance method Single stroke lever
Motor drive or Auto winder availability F36 or F250 motor drives
Film rewind method Manual folding crank
Self Timer Yes - 3 to 10 seconds
Battery type and number required Two PX-625 1.3V mercury cells in head
Body weight without lens attached 840g with Photomic T viewfinder fitted

VFM Flash Memory Cards


Nikon F Photomic T top view

Nikon F Photomic T Camera


Nikon F Photomic T back view


F Photomic T


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