Nikon D3

A brief outline of the Nikon D3 Digital SLR camera

This website page is dedicated to the superb Nikon D3 camera produced by Nikon


a decision was made to create it's own cameras to make lenses for, effectively giving the company


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Basic specifications of the Nikon D3 Digital SLR Camera

Production period (later availability from stock)

Lens meter coupling type  
Aperture coupling range  
ASA speed range  
EV range at ASA 100  
Meter sensor type if applicable  
Shutter type and curtain material  
Shutter speed range  
Auto exposure modes available  
Flash exposure type and sync speed  
Auto focus drive type  
VR (vibration Reduction) lens support  
Interchangeable focusing screens  
Interchangeable viewfinder heads  
Interchangeable backs  
Film advance method  
Motor drive or Auto winder availability  
Film rewind method  
Self Timer  
Battery type and number required  
Body weight without lens attached  

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Nikon D3 Back





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